i5LED is a factory-direct electronics manufacturer specializing in the integration of custom products for the audio-visual industry. Our LED displays have a 25-year track record of outlasting and outperforming the competition.

Headquartered in Northern California, i5 provides turn-key services for its clients. From manufacturing and installation to long term service and financing options — we have you covered. Our portfolio of LED Display installations is both extensive and impressive. With notable projects recognized by the public worldwide, our diodes light up the landmarks of the world in places such as Times Square and Las Vegas.






We serve many markets around North America including entertainment facilities, sports venues, live districts, retail locations, real estate developments, corporate headquarters, hospitality venues, transportation stations and many more.

In a world where LED displays have become more of a commodity, i5LED strives to provide custom solutions for all of our clients. Our top priority is to provide more value to our customers than any other company competing for your business. Below are few items that differentiate i5LED from other companies in the audio-visual industry.